The articulation of trauma is essential, deserving acknowledgment, and requires a meaningful presence in our collective consciousness. The persistent struggle to release the grip of trauma takes on a life of its own, distinct from the trajectory of one’s cognitive processes.

Engaging in expression is a pivotal component of the healing process. Healing involves active listening and the creation of a space that facilitates a reframing of the narrative surrounding the traumatic event or historical focus.

Time plays a crucial role, as does the deliberate direction of one’s attention. Moving backward, sideways, or even upside down can be as valuable as progressing forward in the journey toward healing.

Similar to the organic growth of plants, personal healing unfolds at its own pace. Patience and kindness are integral, and removing obstacles that impede growth is equally important.

In many instances, the most effective course of action may be uncertain. Thus, a methodical approach of observation, attentive listening, and patience becomes imperative in uncovering the subsequent steps in the healing process.

I am familiar with this conversion. Come, start your journey to Calm Driving with old kind Cooper. I will always do my utmost to follow your needs.

Together we can set you on the path of learning to drive. Your Calm Driving requires one small step. Take that step today. I will help.

🙂 Cooper


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