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Need help with these test centers?

Text me at 236.998.4268 with all your question. I answer everything.

I am very Familiar with the following Centers plus I recommend these in this order:
Burnaby Center 3881 Lougheed Hwy
North Vancouver 1331 Marine Drive
Burnaby Claims Center 4399 Wayburne Drive
Richmond Center 5300 No. 3 Road
Richmond Claims Center 7200 Elmbridge Way
Vancouver Claims Center 999 Kingsway
Vancouver Center 4120 Macdonald Street

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Services & Pricing

Please text 236.998.4268 to register.
  • Driving Lesson Price
  • Each session is 1½ hours long
  • E-transfer fee to [email protected] or cash
  • Adding Road Test Day is optional
  • Please carry your actual license and glasses for each drive session
  • Must pay in full to receive Package Pricing
  • Cancel 24 hours prior of the lessons for any reason
  • Lessons not yet take could be refunded
  • Note: 24 hours notice to cancel or there is a $50 late charge
  • Road Test Day Price
  • Expect 2½ hours for Road Test
  • 60-minute warm up before Road Test
  • Arrive at test center 15 minutes before test time
  • Exam typically starts within 15 minutes of scheduled time
  • Exam typically runs for approximately 40 minutes
  • Ending ICBC paperwork takes about 15 minutes
  • Use the same car you trained in. Or use your our car. Take the car you are most comfortable with
  • IMPORTANT NOTE – you must take one 1½ hours lesson before the Road Test day to qualify to use our car for exam day
  • 1 Individual Session × 1½ Hours
  • General assessment , beginner, N preparation, L preparation, driver development, anxiety management, fear work, post crash help, or to try out our services


$180.00 + 5% GST = $189.00

  • Road Test Day
  • Bring ID, Bank or Credit Card, Safe, Clean & Legal Car, Be Well Rested


$230.00 + 5% GST = $241.50

Please respect my time as I respect yours. If you are unable to attend a lesson or need to adjust the pick-up place or time, contact  COOPER with at least 24 hours’ notice. You can call or text my local number at 236-998-4268 . I do have a charge of $50 for late cancellations and NSF cheques.

Etransfer to [email protected]

You want to pass? You want to drive safe? You want to drive calm and manage fear and anxiety when driving? My experience is extensive in all these areas and more. My background is more than 16 years working with all kinds of drivers aged 16 to 91 including corporations, fleets including research study work with Transport Canada.

For the last three years I have worked for six different transportation organizations learning B.C. driver training industry preparing to manage my own clients. I currently do all the in-car training because I love it, and I love being in my comfortable Acura training vehicle. My schedule is never booked solid. I keep space to best ensure my clients remain calm relaxed with flexibility for fast test bookings and schedule changes. I do work with two other trainers when needed.

Additionally please note that   iHaveEvolved.com  Driving School owns Cooper Driving School  and both are owned solely by Todd Cooper.

Both Cooper Driving School &  iHaveEvolved.com Inc. are owned by Todd Cooper and both are legal to provide services in B.C 🙂

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