ICBC’S Highest Level Exam

Prepare well and you will pass, eventually.
Driving full-time for three years in British Columbia is the standard expected for this Class 5 ‘N’ Exam.

Locals who attempt this second level exam already passed the first level Class 7 ‘L’ exam two years ago. This second exam is based on the content of the first level exam, plus highways, plus more strict standards. Most locals will have three years of experience driving in British Columbia before attempting this second-level Class 5 ‘N’ exam.

New to Canada Drivers attempting this second level test are at a disadvantage, having never experienced the first level class 7 L exam, nor having three years to practise this province driving style.

Preparing for this Class 5 test is an important endeavour.

I am a highly trained driving assessor, having worked as a senior assessor for the applied research studies with Transport Canada, contributing to the ban worldwide on cell phone usage.

Fleet work assessment with several dozen corporations also honed my skills as a risk assessor for driver safety programs.

I know what it takes to examine and assess drivers.

The preparation you will receive from me is undoubtedly at the expected standard of your Class 5 ‘N’ Test.

A considerable amount of specific content is needed before attempting your exam.

This content comes from several books produced by ICBC, as well as many years of experience preparing drivers for this exam.

My past experience with corporations as a senior executive has fueled my motivation and strong desire to beat and win as individuals battle against giant corporations.

I love to win.

Part of your preparation is to overcome years of habits that may go against what is expected during your 40-minute drive.

A Serious Exam Requires A Serious Preparation

You can Gamble and Hope to be Lucky! Or you can get the facts and prepare as best you can!

My past executive business experience taught me that knowledge and being well prepared is the best way to go to battle and win.

Luck is for gamblers.

Hard Work Wins!

Come. I help you prepare well beyond the ICBC standard.

Your license is very important.

Don’t treat this lightly.