cna you see clearly
The experience of seeing is so simple that most people don’t realize the complex biological and mental process behind it. […]
core skills for new drivers
Top of Wheel. Elbow hits your Hips. Grab One Standard Same Unit. New Drivers are NOT experienced drivers hence they […]
This is a big question. Are you asking about the specific rules or laws that examiners use to mark you […]
change is not easy
A big component of my teaching skills involve both context and content of the learning time. Listening carefully to a […]
πŸš— Your Cooper Driving School Experience: Why We’re Different! πŸš€ Embarking on the journey of learning to drive can be […]
The articulation of trauma is essential, deserving acknowledgment, and requires a meaningful presence in our collective consciousness. The persistent struggle […]
thank you great clients
Cooper is an exemplary teacher and his vast experience, alongside his compassion, gentle demeanour, and innate sense of his students’ […]