To change your fear, start by listening to it. Find a way to express this fear clearly. First step: Give […]
change is not easy
A big component of my teaching skills involve both context and content of the learning time. Listening carefully to a […]
πŸš— Cooper Tips for Acing Your Driving Test 🌟 Are you gearing up for your driving test? Here are some […]
The articulation of trauma is essential, deserving acknowledgment, and requires a meaningful presence in our collective consciousness. The persistent struggle […]
A COOPER OPINION Experiencing a sense of overwhelm while driving brings a heightened awareness of the formidable forces and potential […]
thank you great clients
Cooper is an exemplary teacher and his vast experience, alongside his compassion, gentle demeanour, and innate sense of his students’ […]
anxiety and driving do not mix well
A COOPER OPINION Driver education often errs by insisting that drivers be aware of everything, leading to information overload. This […]