What are the true risks you face when you drive a car?

Does it depend where you drive?

Or when you drive?

Or who you are? or your experience?

Or is there a way to reduce your risks?

Does your Driving Instructor or Driving School Talk About These Things?

Or a Better Question, Does your Driving Instructor or Driving School Know About These Things?



  • 3. Vision Vision Vision

    3. Vision Vision Vision

    The experience of seeing is so simple that most people don’t realize the complex biological and mental process behind it. Our powerful eyes allow us to see instantly, but when an unexpected event like a car crash occurs, we realize how our vision can fail us. I see a car crash as two objects occupying…

  • 1. HAND over HAND

    1. HAND over HAND

    Top of Wheel. Elbow hits your Hips. Grab One Standard Same Unit. New Drivers are NOT experienced drivers hence they need a stepping stone of skills in order to grow and advance into more experienced drivers. Teaching a new driver a ten-year experienced driver habit in my humble opinion is often deterimental to the long…

  • Canada Government EV Investments

    Canada Government EV Investments

    This Chart below is sourced from: — And if you need assistance with the money, here are 224 pages of money to buy your EV! Gifted to you from the great government of Canada. Canada is pouring billions of dollars into the electric vehicle industry. Will it pay off? 2.6B 4.7B to ? Trudeau announces…


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