• Speed too fast typically in a 30 zone
  • Speed too slow typically in a residential 50 zone
  • Speed too slow in an 80 zone – highway

  • The habit of not reading all the signs
  • The habit of focusing your brain on the relationship with the examiner
  • The habit of paying attention to all the other cars, specifcally someone acting weird

  • Failing to learn the correct habits
  • Fialing to practise these new habits for days or weeks before your test
  • Trusting that your memory will fix everything on the test day
  • Going for the luck of the draw and hoping the examiner is nice and will pass you

I know this test is important, but my main focus is on mastering driving skills. True success comes when you can handle all key manoeuvres, make safe decisions, and feel confident while knowing you got the skill and that you need to keep learning, always. Driving is risky and constantly changing, so adaptation is key, forever.

This is the moment I celebrate with my clients—the “aha” moment when they know they’ve got it.

Then, we shift to preparing for the driving test, which is a unique, necessary step like passing a security check. Most people pass if they persist. In the USA, 89% of legal-age adults have a driver’s license, and in Canada, it’s 84%.

Get comfortable and confident with driving the car first!


Then go for the driving test.



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