change is not easy

A big component of my teaching skills involve both context and content of the learning time. Listening carefully to a clients overarching context such as, I am scared all the time, or intersections overwhelm me, or I cannot stop thinking of the cars behind us, are important to recall when helping. Shifting these top-of-mind beliefs is critical when trying to fully manage a left turn on a yellow, with ease and confidence.

I spent several decades as a senior manager, driving change and fostering growth in individuals, groups, and corporations to achieve significant results. My lifelong passion for learning, cognitive sciences, and understanding team dynamics has shaped my approach. This interest was sparked by a personal experience; I once believed I was a competent driver until a tragic accident involving my best friend, who also considered themselves skilled behind the wheel, profoundly changed my perspective. Change, specifically positive improvement is my passion. Come be that Good Driver Today.


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