core skills for new drivers

Top of Wheel.

Elbow hits your Hips.

Grab One Standard Same Unit.

New Drivers are NOT experienced drivers hence they need a stepping stone of skills in order to grow and advance into more experienced drivers. Teaching a new driver a ten-year experienced driver habit in my humble opinion is often deterimental to the long term development of a new driver.

Connecting your Brain and Eyes to the precise control of the two Front Steering Wheels of the car is critcal to all drivers. New drivers do not have this solid sure footed, I-know-where-straight-is, as experienced drivers know. Hence we need to give them a starting habit of KNOWING EXACTLY WHERE THE STRAIGHT IS ALL THE TIME, going slow or/and going fast!

This basic core skills is called HAND over HAND. A solid sure footed, I can put the car exactly where I want to place it, quickly and precisely at all times and at all speeds.


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