cna you see clearly

The experience of seeing is so simple that most people don’t realize the complex biological and mental process behind it.

Our powerful eyes allow us to see instantly, but when an unexpected event like a car crash occurs, we realize how our vision can fail us.

I see a car crash as two objects occupying the same space. Approaching another object or losing distance between objects increases the risk of a collision.

So, why do our eyes fail us? I would answer this by asking if we truly have control over our vision. Can we open our eyes but not allow them to see? The reality is that we cannot.

This complex system of vision may not be fully under our control. Your brain can even erase what your eyes are seeing without your consent, which is quite alarming if true. Perhaps it’s time to learn more about how our vision truly works.

Try this simple exercise. Without really thinking, just yell out loud the colour of these following words:



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