What are the true risks you face when you drive a car? Does it depend where you drive? Or when […]
My first holiday in several years is near. How does the thrill of navigating through the vibrant, chaotic streets of […]
A COOPER OPINION Experiencing a sense of overwhelm while driving brings a heightened awareness of the formidable forces and potential […]
read all signs always
Develop the practice of thoroughly reading signs and road markings while driving. Numerous clients who adopt this habit often express […]
thank you great clients
Cooper is an exemplary teacher and his vast experience, alongside his compassion, gentle demeanour, and innate sense of his students’ […]
anxiety and driving do not mix well
A COOPER OPINION Driver education often errs by insisting that drivers be aware of everything, leading to information overload. This […]
build your crash library
To effectively prepare for potential driving conflicts, accidents, or mishaps, it’s important as a learner to develop a personal repository […]