thank you great clients

Cooper is an exemplary teacher and his vast experience, alongside his compassion, gentle demeanour, and innate sense of his students’ capabilities, lends to a transformative driving experience.

Cooper really takes the time and effort to foster safe and communicative spaces of learning and growth- something that was lacking in all my previous experiences with driving instructors.

When Cooper first met me I was terrified and dealing with bouts of anxiety when it came to getting in the driver’s seat.

Fast forward a few months and Cooper has helped me build up my confidence and skillset- I have transformed into someone who actually enjoys and looks forward to driving!

Cooper is not your run-of-the-mill driving instructor- he infuses all his lessons with guidance that is geared towards not only improving your technical driving skills, but stabilizing and strengthening your emotional and mental approach to driving.

Learning from Cooper has been an absolutely delightful and rewarding experience and I cannot recommend him enough.


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