build your crash library

To effectively prepare for potential driving conflicts, accidents, or mishaps, it’s important as a learner to develop a personal repository of scenarios to be cautious of: Crash Libraries.

Just like mastering any physical activity or sport, there are typical errors and challenges everyone encounters. Being aware of these common issues beforehand, or experiencing them in advance, can significantly heighten your alertness if you face them again.

A useful resource for this is the 33 collision cases published on the ICBC website. Reviewing these can serve as an excellent foundation for your own crash prevention libraries.

Take some time to consider the responsibility assigned to each driver in these incidents. Do you agree with how the fault percentages are distributed?

By engaging in this critical evaluation and forming your own opinions, you will enrich your understanding of various driving situations.

This eextensive libraries, is what separates an experienced driver from a beginner.

Remember, always stay vigilant and continue to expand your knowledge and awareness of driving situations!

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