• Find a quiet time to write me, Cooper, a short introduction about you.
  • I will write back and ask questions to help me get clear on your details and your current concerns.
  • Together at your pace, we will construct a plan and work together to find your best next step.
  • Sometimes it’s more talk at the beginning or a coffee or several phone calls.
  • Everyone needs their own next step.
  • Crashes trauma, fear, and close calls often have powerful and long-lasting effects.

“ Prior to meeting COOPER I didn’t think I’d ever be able to drive (confidently) again. I was in a car accident 10 years ago, never got back behind the wheel and have had severe anxiety ever since. COOPER is kind, understanding, incredibly patient, open to feedback and has a way of making people feel safe and heard. After my first lesson with COOPER , I knew I had a long way to go but I felt overwhelmed with a sense of hope and confidence in myself. COOPER showed me that there is value in my hyper-awareness and has been working with me to build up my driving competency. I’d recommend driving lessons with COOPER to anyone but especially to those who have driving anxiety, those with a history of trauma or those with specific learning needs.”

Kendra Macdougall MAR 2021

“ Cooper is possibly the best driving instructor in Vancouver and I say that having to have possibly close to 5 instructors from different schools in the past 3 years. I always had anxiety with driving and Cooper had to bring me back to the basics and really stress to give me the foundations. He is extremely patient with explaining the whys on the traffic rules and overall reasoning of why the rules exist – something that I really struggled before. What I liked most is that he make sure that you end your lessons by going through what you improved, what you need improving and he will even go the extra mile and send you notes and voice messages – i thought this was above and beyond everyone else and it made me feel that I am really being coached in this journey. I am much more confident in my driving and was able to get my ** class 5 ** and it wouldn’t be without Cooper’s expert tutelage If you are looking for quality driving lessons, look no further and just go reach out. You won’t regret it!”

Ivan MAR 2021

“ Cooper is a great teacher and would highly recommend you reach out if you have issues with anxiety during driving. He was very calm, patient and helpful during my lessons and helped me become more confident behind the wheel. He is very professional, yet funny and I loved how he checks in with you and will let you know what you have improved on and what you need to focus on, 10/10!! Thanks Cooper!!“

Dayle Gumabao APRIL 2021