Welcome to New Life & New Ways

Different ways to drive a car with different rules!

WOW! many things are completely different compared to back home!

The weather, the rain, the wind, the buildings, the street, the people and the driving!

It is overwhelming and then comes the culture shock!

And of course the driving also requires just as much attention as all the other elements in my life!

And the rental costs and housing prices! OMG!

How will I ever Manage it all!

FIRST STEP -> Give enough time to planning and changing.

Everyone struggles with change as does our minds and bodies so time, with gentle repetition is the path to success.

But make sure you are practising the right new things. For driving there are two books that show you the right way to drive here in British Columbia.

Learn To Drive Smart &

Tuning Up For Drivers. Download them both free!

SECOND STEP -> Find someone smart to lead you thru the information because there is a lot of knowledge you must know to pass.

The books are a good starting point but additionally there is aton of information not in these two books.

An experienced trainer is the key here. And like all other profession there are good and bad educators so step carefully here.

Best to try out a few trainers before you commite your futureof driving in Canada into the hands of  bad. The good trainers are out there. Take the time to find them.

Be careful of all the company hype and promises. Truth is, good trainers move around, are busy and are the most difficult to find.

New and inexperienced trainers are popping up every day. If you don’t fight for quality and experience, this new trainer will be at your doorstep in a flash.

Remember here in B.C. a driving instructor needs less than 4 weeks to get certified to teach, and only needs 3 years driving experience.

Your First Greatest Step is to Come Drive TODAY!

The best time to start driving is TODAY, or 10 years ago!

We recommend you test drive a few trainers before you decide who to learn this lifelong skill from!

Go test drive several then come see us, and be very cautious of online rankings.

Face to face is always the best way.

We are up for the challenge 🙂