Meet & Sit In My Car !

Sit in the passengers Seat is ok First Time!

On the floor in front of the passengers seat is a brake connected to the brake on the drivers side.

Two people can drive my car at the same time. It is very interesting and super safe! Whatever you do I can do. Whatever I do you can do.

Many first time drivers stay in the passengers seat for the entire first lesson until they feel comfortable.

That’s success!

Come meet and talk about your first step to driving.

Easy! No stress!


Touch the brake on the passenger side and the car stops. Move the car one half car length and stop. We repeat this five or six times and stop the car.

Our speed is maybe 1 km/h at the most.

At the same time I am squeezing the drivers side brake to make sure we are both slow and relaxed. We repeat this as many times as you need.

Simple, calm, and now you know how the brake feels! Come back next lesson and repeat the same thing.


Many start with simply sitting in the passengers seat. Some press the brake multiple times to get a feel for it.

We repeat this same exercise in reverse gear. All is very slow like 1 km/h or less. Eventually you move us using the brake and gas on the passengers side and I steer from the drivers seat.

Soon you move to the driver’s chair and we again start with moving the car a half a car length with the brake. Again, I am driving with you performing the exact same movements as you do.

My brake is braking when you are braking. Two people driving is very safe.

Your First Greatest Step is to Come Drive TODAY!

The best time to come meet is TODAY, or 10 years ago!

Anxiety and fear can become a habit.

It grows over time, but it can be stopped the day you take a step to build a different way to think and act.

Sometimes tricking your powerful brain works.

Come meet me and sit in my car. No driving required. Let’s meet. Come check out what a driving school car looks like. It’s kind of cool you know.

Come talk about what I do every day and how much I love my car.

I will even introduce you to Cooper Bear.