Cooper Driving School is “Licensed as a driver training school under the Motor Vehicle Act.” Our instructors are “Licensed as a driver training instructors under the Motor Vehicle Act.”

90-Minute Lesson

• Each lesson is $160.00 for each 90-minute lesson  .

• The $160.00  lesson fee includes 5% GST.

• Present a valid BC Learner License  at the beginning of each lesson and obey all restrictions such as glasses.

• Be registered and paid before each lesson.

• Come to each lesson free of any illness and legal to drive.

• Reschedule appointments to avoid being charged late cancellation charges. Notify Inc. 24 hours before lesson start time to avoid being charged the  $30 late cancellation fee.

• Not come to lessons under the influence of any illegal substance or condition that may impair driving.

• Not use foul, abusive or aggressive language.

• Show up for driving times no later than 10 minutes past the scheduled appointment. The instructor will wait a maximum of 10 minutes. The client will pay the full rate for the 90-minute lesson if time goes past 10 minutes.

• If the instructor shows up for a lesson and the client does not show or is unfit to drive, the client pays the full class fee.

• Occasionally cars do break down, and instructors do get sick. We will contact you immediately if this happens and reschedule lessons with  no penalty to the client. We apologize in advance for any delays this may cause.

• All lessons are 90-minutes long. 5 to 10 minutes of each lesson may include paperwork, sketching driving-related manoeuvers, or demo drives. In most lessons, you remain in the driver’s seat for the entire 90 minutes and move the car for 80 minutes or more. Occasionally instructors will perform a two or 3-minute demo drive when needed.

• Understand that traffic may push lesson start times off by as much as 15 or so minutes  . Please expect this to occur; however, we try our best to be prompt. The instructor will try to text or call you before any start time changes.

• Generally, only you and the instructor are on the lesson; however, we allow one additional person in the back seat to observe under some rare circumstances. There may be a cost of  $30 charge for this extra person.

• In the event of a collision, while the student is learning in the Inc. vehicle, Inc. will not be held responsible for deductible charges. If the student is held liable for the collision, the client will pay the related ICBC deductible  $300.

• Students drive most lessons for the full 90 minutes with the occasional stop on the roadside to sketch an intersection or stretch their legs if needed. A few minutes each session is dedicated to a summary at the end, paperwork signing and reviewing the last session.

• Our car is very sophisticated with power seats and steering column adjustments. Students are encouraged to master superior positioning, comfort and continually search to find the best setup to maximize vision while driving. Additionally, all car controls should be mastered.

Car Use for Road Test

• Inc.’s car can be booked for your driving test, generally requiring a total time of  2.5 hours for a fee of $190.

• If the client requesting the car’s use is not a current student of Inc., then a minimum 90-minute lesson must be completed well before the test date to qualify to use the car. We assess your driving skills in this lesson. You may not be eligible to use the vehicle on your test day and require additional lessons. The safety of our car, yourself, the examiner and the public is our prime concern. We reserve the right to refuse the use of our car.

• Cancelling an ICBC road test must be done three days (they say 48 hours) before road test time.   ICBC charges a $25 late cancellation fee.

Provide the Following To The Company

• License number and expiry as well as road test booking information.

• The client must text Inc. to set up booking times

• Provide some form of secondary communication  that can receive photos of the scheduled times and dates such as images via text on your phone, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, or other.

• Provide a primary phone number plus a second phone number and contact name  that knows you are driving with Inc. in case of emergencies.

• Inform Inc. of any special needs you may have that may need discussion before or while learning to drive.

Payments & Money Management

Driving Schools and Driving Instructors are carefully regulated by ICBC.


27.08 Obligations of driver training instructor:

(4) A driver training instructor must not provide driver training to an individual who is not enrolled at the driver training school at which the driver training instructor is employed.

(5) A driver training instructor or driver training school must not provide practical driver training to a person who does not have a driver’s licence.

Our school requires payment before lessons to activate your enrolled status. This exchange activates coverage on our $5,000,000 dollar car insurance.

People move, and life often changes unexpectedly. Please send your refund request to Inc. in writing asap email to [email protected]. We will refund all monies paid for lessons not yet completed. However, Inc. will not refund lessons you have already completed. Also, please request your refund more than 24 hours before a scheduled lesson to avoid a late cancellation fee. Please expect 3 to 7 days to receive your refund. No explanation is required to request a refund.

Must complete lessons within eight months from the payment date. Inc. will not refund paid lessons past these eight months.

New to Canada Drivers

Our school requires that each client must hold a valid current ICBC DL# British Columbia Driver’s License Number. Licenses from other countries may allow you to but you must provide a valid ICBC DL  for our school. This ensures full insurance coverage of $5,000,000 on our cars.

Other Important Policies

• We reserve the right to change our pricing and policies at any time.

• Our Acura RDX is a very comfortable vehicle kept in prime condition for everyone’s safety and all maintenance records are available for viewing upon request.

• Additionally, we protect everyone with dual video cameras both front and rear of the car, in case of a collision. Video footage is not stored with a connection to a student record nor any reference breaking privacy rights.

• We hold the right to terminate any lesson for any reason, including a road test appointment. All unused time will be refunded, less any late fee charges.

• All student records are kept for five years as required by ICBC. At the six-year mark, all records are destroyed as per privacy laws.

• Our Acura is insured with $5,000,000 coverage well above other driving schools coverage.

• Cooper is certified with occupational first aid.

• Cooper is a certified Bicycle Instructor (yes there is such a thing)

• Cooper has extensive experience in change management and creating positive compelling learning experiences.

• Our Acura has dual brakes and dual gas controls.

• We do not use dual steering control vehicles because of the safety concern related to instructors’ side steering wheels interfering with the airbag releases in the event of a collision. These dual steering wheels are bare steel with no airbag protection. The comfort and safety of our instructors is a top concern.

• Out Acura costs more to run than most driving schools, which is done on purpose to keep our instructors at a maximum comfort level throughout their working days. A happy instructor equals a happy client.

• Students can text Cooper any time to ask questions.

• Our main goal is to Install Seriousness for Driving  and put all clients on a path of Calm Driving for the rest of their lives.

• We encourage clients to text us with questions or stories regarding any close calls they may experience after leaving our training. Take care out there.

COVID-19 Screening Procedures:

• We will ask each client whether they are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms (coughing, shortness of breath, fever) or are otherwise feeling unwell.

• We will ask whether the client has returned from an out-of-region area within the last 14 days.

• The vehicle is thoroughly sanitized in between clients.

• We will ask if the client has had close contact with someone in the past 14 days diagnosed with or is presumed to have, COVID19.

• Instructors must wear face masks during driving lessons.

• Clients are asked to bring water or coffee or whatever you like to drink with you in your lessons.