Never Give Up and You Will Never Fail

Now You Know What The Exam Is All About!

Often clients take the exam just to experience what it is all about. $50 to get a feel for what is really expected is a small price to pay. Plus you get a evaluation straight from the people who will eventually pass you.

And at the end you can ask questions and the examiner will answer and sketch the situations on paper for you.

So come prepared to learn and get all your confusing questions answered!

Wow! $50! Go for it!

There is a ton of information regarding the Class 5 ‘N’ exam that may be difficult to locate. 

Most study the   Learn to Drive Smart book. But did you know there is a second book written by ICBC to prepare you for the test?   Tuning Up For Drivers.

Some approach the test thinking it’s easy because a friend passed it the first time. This is a mistake. 

This test expects you to figure out very confusing complex road designs which you may never have seen before.

Some want to learn the test routes to pass because they cannot develop the driving skills to figure out the situations on the fly!

But teaching test routes is  against ICBC policy for driving trainers.

Others go try more tests hoping to get a friendly examiner who will simply pass them because they are a nice person !

And yes, if you try 25 times, you may be lucky and face no yellow lights, no pedestrians, no traffic, and, in fact, pass.

But there is another way.

Learn how to drive correctly as outlined by the ICBC manuals!

Find a knowledgeable, well-educated trainer who knows road safety well and has researched the ICBC-specific test requirements. 

Take this knowledge and give yourself time to get this knowledge into your head, understand it, and into your body, called habits

This is how you pass!

Your First Greatest Step is to Come Drive TODAY!

Failing is a Wake Up Call! It is time to Change and Better Prepare!
This driver’s license is crucial for many reasons.

Do not enter this lifelong risky skill with the attitude that it is easy! Yes, with 1000 collisions a day in British Columbia, it is easy to get yourself into trouble.

Give this exam and yourself the proper time and resources you need to be successful. Today! Right Now!

Go test drive a few driving instructors- before you decide who to learn this lifelong skill from!

It’s your life we are talking about here!

As with every profession, it’s easy to find low quality. More challenging to find high quality, but you can with a bit of time and effort.