We do not book road tests months ahead into that 180-day booking system. We use a different strategy for those who don’t want to wait three months.

Step 1. We get ready for the test ensuring that all three core skill areas are mastered to a level that gives clients the best shot at passing. Once all your skills are ready, we move to step two.

Step 2. Clients search for road tests and grab a short-term test date usually within 3 to 7 days from today.

This works because a large number of tests are canceled a few days ahead because of the $25 late fee ICBC charges if you do not cancel. Most driving schools cannot accommodate road test times this quickly, because they book solid to maximize their profits. Most schools also are not willing to ask clients to move for a fast road test, again because it’s too much work for the school. However, I can handle it by keeping my schedule open. Also, my clients are all glad to move lessons if someone books a short day’s test. All my clients know that tests take priority.

I am very familiar with the following centers plus I recommend these centers in this order:

  • Burnaby Center 3881 Lougheed Highway
  • Vancouver Center 4120 Macdonald St.
  • Burnaby Claims Center 4399 Wayburne Drive
  • Vancouver Claims Center 999 Kingsway
  • Richmond Center 5300 No. 3 Road
  • Richmond Claims Center 7200 Elmbridge Way
  • North Vancouver 1331 Marine Drive

Text me with any questions at 236.998.4268. I will answer everything.