Collisions of Any Kind Are Not Fun

How Do We Handle This Dark Side?

These events can affect our lives far more than many people acknowledge. This is precisely why I entered into the Driver Education field. A lifetime later and still the impact remains personally inside me.

Unfortunately the driving lesson industry was near totally focused on new drivers preparing for the driving test, average age 17 with most having no collision experience. A passionate seriousnes for the true risks was ignored and often frowned on when brought forward in new drivers full 30 hours insurance programss in Ontario.

My first year teaching in British Columbia my client average age was 37 and a huge percentage had serious fear of driving, or experiences with the dark side.

You changed my life Cooper was a common statement as my clients changed mine. After all this time mt vast experience was being consumed by client as quickly as i could present it.

And then something shocking happened. An avalanche of learning entered into my daily life as I shared my lifetime of research, training, teaching and experience first hand with individuals whom truly wanted answers to solving their not fun relationships with driving.

Finally my vast exploration of safety and crash research was being shared and my clients consummed it information with passion!

It has become more and more a passion of mine the more people I meet who, really understand this dark side of driving.

Most driving instructors are not trained to help this smaller percentage of post crash drivers.

Start simple with a couple things to focus on. I can drive totally from the passengers chair so we remain safe as you focus on the three core tools for car control. As you improve we will slowly add more pieces to your core 3.

I manage everything around us, all the busy 97 things as you learn. can even take over your 3 tools if needed.

As you improve you take on 4, 5, 6 more items all the way up to the 100! At which time you are totally driving!

As a team we carefully decide when to add more and when to step back.

In reality I am always driving, moving us at the lowest possible risk using my decades of experience and research in road safety.

You take on only the pieces that you can handle.

As you improve, your reward is more work!

And together we build you up to my level of driving, as high as you want to go.

My greatest knowledge is at the highest level that of keeping out of trouble and driving at the lowest possible risk.

Many clients never achieve this, choosing to stop at the road test level.

Others come to me years later to deal with fear and anxiety related to driving.

Lots come after struggling with a ‘bad experience’ with another instructor.

No matter what you need on this life long journey of driving, I am happy to help.

Your First Greatest Step is to Come Drive TODAY!

The best time to start driving is TODAY, or 10 years ago!

We recommend you test drive a few trainers before you decide who to learn this lifelong skill from!

Go test drive several then come see us, and be very cautious of online rankings.

Face to face is always the best way.

We are up for the challenge 🙂